Basic Mood Disorder Treatment Strategy

I have wanted to share my basic mood disorder treatment strategy I use when I struggle.

Identify triggers for my mood disorders:

  • Overly sentimental stuff with kids – feeling of loss as things change
  • Back injury – pain
  • Being a good husband and being a “man”
  • Disruption of routine – pace too fast can’t adjust

Identify how a loved one can help me:

  • Grab my arm are you okay – concern
  • I love you
  • Pray the prayer below

Create a prayer you use consistently when you struggle

Dear Heavenly Father, I am currently experiencing a strong assault of untruth, anxiety and depression. By the grace of God and his love for me, I know this to be an falsified distortion of what is true. Arm me with the shield of faith, the belt of truth and sword of the spirit. I am a child of God, Christ loves me for who I am and who I am not. I know that I am loved as a father, as a son, and a husband. May I be reminded of the blessing I am to my family and to holly my dear wife. I pray that you may help me to discern truth from untruth. I am blessed in so many ways and love you with all my heart. I pray these things in your son Jesus. Amen

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